Who is Good Grounds Coffee Co?
Good Grounds Coffee Co is a for-profit company that partners with
existing coffee cooperatives in East Africa by financing, marketing and
exporting specialty coffee. Good Grounds is based in Rwanda, with
operations in Eastern DRC (Congo) and North America. 

What do we do?
Our vision is to transform the lives of former Congolese rebels by giving
them the option to lay down their guns. In Congo employment is scarce,
so men join rebel groups to provide for their families. Good Grounds
brings lasting change in both the short and long run by providing
cooperatives with funds to process cherries and export beans to roasters
and consumers in North America.

Good Grounds is focused on quality because we believe in sustainable
business and we know that our market demands only the best.

How can you partner?
Good Grounds Coffee Co needs buyers who believe in our story and in
the former rebels who grow coffee on Idjwi. If you’re a coffee roaster
who cares about quality, ethics and farmers, then we need you to get
our coffee into consumers’ hands.