idjwi Coffee

We’ve named our coffee Idwji ("ee-jwee") after the island where it is grown.  Our buyers are specialty, small batch coffee roasters who care about quality, value chain transparency, and the future of coffee farmers. To ensure transparency from "crop to cup", our green coffee comes with a passport explaining the story of Idjwi island and the farmers who live there. 

Why we exist

Our purpose is to transform the lives of former Congolese rebels by giving them the option to lay down their guns. In Congo employment is scarce, so men join rebel groups to provide for their families. Good Grounds brings lasting change in both the short and long run by providing cooperatives with cash to process cherries and export beans to roasters and consumers in North America. We also guarantee the purchase of all the coffee we pre-finance, eliminating risk for smallholder farmers.

Rather than starting anew, Good Grounds builds relationships with local cooperatives composed of former rebels and rebel widows.  Good Grounds is focused on quality because we believe in sustainable business and we know that our market demands only the best.

Our Team

Good Grounds is based in Rwanda, with operations in Eastern DRC (Congo) and North America. Our team consists of two Americans, two Brits and a Canadian with over 30 years of total business experience on the ground in East Africa.